July 22, 2012

MOD Magazine July 2012

Grab a copy and read "To Cut or Not To Cut" :)

See: http://ninportfolio.blogspot.com/2012/07/yey-my-mod-article-for-july-2012-is-out.html

My Looklet addiction

Another favorite 'fashion' site of mine is LOOKLET.COM
You have the freedom to be your own fashion diva/stylist. Here are some of my looklet designs.



from my POLYVORE account

Some sets I've styled using polyvore :)


Headed to the beach?

Office then Party wear.

Inspired by Little Mermaid

i ♥ PINK!

Earth tone colors . . .

Mickey mouse inspired

Modern take on Snow White's outfit

July 7, 2012

To Cut or Not To Cut

  Yey! My MOD article for July 2012 is out in their website, thou this is only one part of the article (part 2 is all about interviewing different professionals whose work involves the use of scissors - and can be only read in the magazine, so buy one :) 

*Also, Im very happy because this is the first time they used my own title . . . ♥

To Cut or Not To Cut

ASIDE FROM CUTTING paper, a pair of scissors is probably one of the most helpful cutting tools around. This handheld cutting tool with two blades is derived from the Latin word scissus meaning ‘having been cut.’

        The known use of a blade cutting tool was found in ancient Egyptian ruins dating around 1500 B.C. This type of scissor was used by barbers and cloth makers. Early scissors were made from one piece of metal unlike modern scissors which are made from two cross-blades which pivot around a fulcrum. Modern cross-bladed scissors were invented by Romans. It is in A.C.E. (After Common Era) 100 that such tool was invented in ancient Rome.

        Today, there are a variety of scissors for specific purposes.
        Here is a rundown of the types available:

Grass and hedge shears. Used for trimming grass and hedges
• Pruning shears (secateurs) and loppers. Used for cutting through branches of trees and shrubs
PRICE: P150 to P300
WHERE TO BUY: Hardware stores such as Handyman, True Value, and Ace

Used in food preparation like cutting of chicken or meat into smaller pieces. Sometimes, these scissors are used in place of a knife.
 • Kitchen shears. For cutting, trimming, snipping vegetables, ‘chopping’ dried fruits or herbs,  mincing, ‘slicing’ crusts
PRICE: P120 to P200
WHERE TO BUY: Gourdo’s, Alessi, Muji, Victorinox
 • Multipurpose scissors. Lighter duty scissors for cutting paper or other office activities
PRICE: Ranges from P30 to P90 depending on size and make
WHERE TO BUY: National Book Store, local markets, arts and crafts shops, department stores
 • Craft scissors. For artwork and detailing
PRICE: P60 to P150
WHERE TO BUY: National Book Store, Office Warehouse, arts and crafts stores

Scissors for cutting fabrics:
• Fabric or textile shears. Long blades with uneven-sized handles and are used for cutting yards of fabric
• Pinking shears. Saw-toothed blades instead of straight which leave a zigzag pattern instead of a straight edge. They have a serrated cutting edge and are used for cutting cloth so that the fabric does not fray.
• Machine embroidery scissors. Used when working machine embroidery. They have a curved blade, which makes it easier to cut the thread close to the fabric surface while in a machine embroidery hoop.
PRICE: P130 to P220
WHERE TO BUY: Local markets, vaciador, and stores that provide tailoring needs

Scissors or Shears?
Scissors are generally multipurpose and have similar small ‘handles’ with sharp blades that are riveted together. Scissors come in various sizes, some with design enhancements for specific tasks, such as for cutting hair, embroidery threads, or crafts. One may use a pair of household scissors to cut parcel twine, paper, light card stock, or food  packages.
     Shears, on the other hand, have a noticeable design difference — one side (or both) has a larger handle
to accommodate a couple of fingers (thumb in the top and fingers in the bottom). The handles are often attached with an adjustable screw for precision cutting such as a dressmaker’s shears. 
Shear Thing
When buying a pair of shears, look for these features:

• Serrated and notched blade. Many shears have one blade that’s serrated, which helps when gripping slippery items. It’s handy for trimming fish and cutting out the back of a chicken. A notch near the fulcrum is useful for breaking through small bones.

• Break-apart blades. Many shears let one separate the blades at the fulcrum, which is incredibly useful for cleaning.

• Rounded handles. Too many shears have plastic handles with edges that aren’t rounded and they can be downright painful to use. Look for rounded edges.

• Snug handles. A smaller circular hole for the thumb is helpful when pressure is applied.

Scissors used for cutting hair:
• Thinning shears/Texturizing shears/ Chunking shears. Used to remove ‘bulk’ from the hair without altering the hairstyle. These scissors have ‘teeth’ as opposed to ‘blades’ and remove less hair with a single snip.
• Hair clippers. Used for cutting hair by hairdressers, barbers, and pet groomers
PRICE: P150 to P360
WHERE TO BUY: Solingen, Hortaleza, Quiapo, and Divisoria/Baclaran

Scissors for trimming and cutting nails:
• Nail scissors
PRICE: P30 to P100
WHERE TO BUY: Local markets, tiangges, beauty section of department stores, Watsons, HBC, Solingen, Hortaleza,
and other beauty shops

• Trauma shears or ‘tuff cuts.’ Robust scissors used in emergency medical response and rescue to cut clothing from injured people. They usually consist of a plastic handle with a metal blade, which is traditionally bent at about 150 degrees, giving them an unusual appearance as compared to normal scissors, and also a longer ‘lever arm.’
• Bandage scissors. Angled tip scissors, with a blunt tip on the bottom blade, which helps in cutting bandages
without gouging the skin
• Surgical scissors. They include bandage scissors, dissecting scissors, iris scissors, operating scissors, stitch scissors, tenotomy scissors, Metzenbaum scissors, and plastic surgery scissors. Surgical scissors are usually made of hard stainless steel for ongoing toughness.

• ‘Jaws of Life.’ Hydraulic rescue tools for cutting heavy sheet metal
• Tin snips. For cutting through sheet metal. The most popular type of snips, they are defined by their long handles and short blades. They usually have extra wide jaws and are made of drop forged carbon steel. Depending on the size of the blade, tin snips can cut between 23 and 16 gauge cold rolled low-carbon steel. There are two main types: straight-pattern and duckbill-pattern. Straight-pattern are best for straight cuts, but can handle gentle curves. Duckbill-pattern snips, also known as trojan-pattern snips, have blades that taper down from the pivot to the tip of the blades.
• Throatless shears. For cutting complex shapes in sheet metal
– Ma. Janine Bianca A. Romero

July 5, 2012


* Last year, I was tasked to write 3 sample articles by some (fashion/health) magazines I've applied to. Here is one of those articles. I chose this topic since I'm more of a "flats" person. :)
“The Killer Heels vs. The Humble Flats”

            We all love pumps, stilettos – and the like. They just give an instant oomph and glam in any outfit we wear.

            Sometimes wearing these “killer heels” means attending proms, debuts and other parties that calls for a more formal outfit. These shoes are made for formal or special events. And yes some people can wear these even if they’re just going to the mall, grocery or just doing everyday ordinary errands. But the main issue of this article is not just to make you fashionable but also to care for your body.

            Indeed, it is true that your 5 inch Jimmy Choo Shoes make you look more fashionable, a lot sexier and they make you seem inches taller for they lengthen the legs. But wearing them could be doing a lot more damage than just bruising your toes and making your feet hurt.

            Yes, heels make you look extra good but it is only for the moment you’re wearing it. Have you ever thought of its long term effects – and mind you – I’m not just talking about inflamed nerves and ligaments, ingrown toenails or shortened Achilles tendons, I’m speaking about your – Posture.

            Being in these killer heels makes you throw your balance out the door because you lift your heels to unnatural heights and with this your body compensates by adjusting its back, hips and shoulders which in the long run may cause you leg pains, headaches and lower back pains.

            But don’t fret, there is no need for you to keep all your heels and start using flats for the rest of your life. You can still use them but it is best to wear them every other day or if there is no big need for it, just wear flats.

            According to an article entitled How to prevent high heel injuries on www.fitsugar.com, if you cannot avoid wearing heels, do your self a favor and try some of the stretching exercises for ankles and calves that they have discussed there. You may also want to check www.advancedfootcaremn.com, for more on foot care advices.

            Now after reading this and you still can’t give up your high heels, you may want to try there suggestions to give you and your feet more comfort:
* Wear soft insoles – to reduce the impact on your knees.
* Try wearing one with a thicker heel – it will help distribute weight (more) evenly.
* Buy shoe that fits you – and doesn’t make your foot slide forward for this causes more pressure on your toes.

            Comfort and Mobility are just some of the best things flat shoes can offer you. Besides making you a lot healthier in terms of making you avoid foot injuries they are also stylish and at times more affordable (but this depends on the brand of your shoes – just think more heels requires more materials to be used therefore making it more expensive than flats).

            You no longer need to think it over whether you’ll choose fashion or functionality for you can have it both with these shoes.

Here are some benefits of these flats:
1. Comfortable and Easy to walk in – You can do a lot of errands without having difficulty in walking while you are carrying a lot of stuffs.
2. It will take you anywhere – Flats are made to ‘go the distance’ meaning they are built for long walks around the city.
3. Safer and healthier – You don’t need to worry about leg pains, feet aching or worse – back pains.
4. Easy to wear and take off – If you are an on-the-go person, flats are your bestfriend because you can wear them easily not like heels that you need to sit down and individually attached the straps before you can go.
5. Can be for any event – Whether formal or non formal occasions, whether attending ‘sporty’ events flats can be your soul mate. They can fit any event just choose a design that will suit the place you are going to. (ex. Cheetah print flats for parties or plain blue flats for school events). Flats are very versatile. You don’t see girls in heels during school practices like rehearsing for plays, don’t you?

            Flats as well as heels comes in all sizes, styles and colors. So find one that suits your personality and mood and then, say hello to comfort. - Janine A. Romero 

 *unpublished and unedited
 *photos from Google.com

March 1, 2012

Chill Factor

March 2012

Article: Chill Factor
- Ma. Janine Bianca A. Romero & Cristina Espina

Link: http://www.mod.com.ph/articles/2012/03/cant-take-my

Can't take my ICE off you

March 2012

Can’t Take My Ice Off You

One of the best ways to beat the summer heat is to eat halo-halo. Whether it is halo-halo from a stand in your local neighborhood or at restaurants, this is one sure way to keep you cool.

        Halo-halo, translated loosely in Filipino, means ‘mix-mix.’ Traditional halo-halo is a layer of shaved or crushed ice and all or any of these ingredients, depending on preference and availability: pounded dried rice (pinipig), sweet preserved beans (red beans, chickpeas, adzuki), jackfruit (langka), caramelized sweet potato (camote), sweetened coconut meat (macapuno), slices of plantain (saging na saba), gelatin, tapioca pearls (sago), sugar palm (kaong), topped with sweet purple yam (ube), caramel custard (leche flan), or ice cream. It is usually served in a tall, clear glass or in a bowl and drizzled with evaporated milk or coconut milk after which, dive in by mixing, hence the name, all the ingredients and eat with haste.

        It is a popular shaved ice dessert especially during the summer season, but nowadays, Pinoys are bound to have their halo-halo fix anytime of the day. If you want a glass of halo-halo, all you have to do is visit a curbside eatery, a mobile kiosk, a hotel lobby cafe, or simply visit the mall.

        In the provinces, streets sprout with makeshift stands,  though there are some that are well-known even to ManileƱos, such as Aling Mauring’s in Pagsanjan. Many rural markets also count halo-halo in their repertoire.

Halo-halo at Home:
2 T sweetened kidney beans
2 T sweetened garbanzos (chickpeas)
2 T minatamis na saba
2 T sago and/or gulaman
2 T kaong or nata de coco
2 T langka and/or macapuno
2 T ube
1 T leche flan
1 T pinipig
sugar, according to taste
shaved or crushed ice
evaporated milk
scoop of ube-flavored ice cream (optional)

Procedure: Mix all ingredients in a tall glass or a bowl then add crushed ice and milk. Top with a scoop of ube ice cream or your favorite ice cream flavor. Serve.


If you want something less traditional, then we give you Guagua, Pampanga’s famous Razon’s Halo-halo. Dubbed by foodies as one of the best halo-halo in town, it’s known for its powdery ice shavings and minimalist ingredients.

2 T sugar syrup
3-4 T macapuno
2 T minatamis na saba (diced)
1-2 T leche flan
evaporated milk
shaved ice

Procedure:To prepare sugar syrup: Stir in sugar in a boiling water and remove from heat. Let cool and set aside. Blend the macapuno in a blender.

To assemble: Place the ingredients in a tall glass in this order: macapuno, diced banana, sugar syrup, ice, and evaporated milk. Serve. – By Ma. Janine Bianca A. Romero

The Big Shave
Crushed or shaved? Electric ice shaver versus manual ice shaver? To get that perfect halo-halo depends on the quality of the ice. As much as possible, avoid icebergs floating in the glass and have instead that ice-blended concoction or a smoothie consistency. To determine the best ice shaver for your need, consider convenience, cost, effort, and time to be consumed in the preparation process.

Back in the day, if you want a glass of halo-halo, you will have to wait for the vendor to make ‘kinaskas na yelo’ (grated ice). Bent over a huge block of ice, he makes an almost rhythmic ‘kaskas’ sound as he scrapes the ice back and forth with a ‘raspador,’ a hollow handheld metal plane tool (right) similar to a carpenter’s plane. As he scrapes the block, the hollow part gets filled with ice. Once filled, he opens it up and pours its contents onto one of the prepared glasses with sweetened rubies. Raspador has origins in Mexico which is used to make a shaved ice dessert called raspados, hence the name. This metal plane may be bought in wet markets or supermarkets and is one of the cheapest ways to make grated ice.The ice, however, sometimes has the texture of crunchy hailstones. Price starts at P80.

        But if you have the budget and would like to put up a halo-halo stand come summertime or just entertain guests with a snowball, then there are manual ice crushers or shavers with handles that can be cranked up to make finer ice granules. These shavers are small and portable, and can make several batches in no time. Still, like the metal plane, you need arm strength. Price for these portable shavers starts at P1,000.

An electric ice shaver can do snow cones, snow balls, and bubble teas with uniform, powdery ice crystals. Expect it to be pricey, though, but without the hassle of cranking a machine or grating ice. An electric ice shaver may be purchased in home store appliances, from online sellers. To score a bargain, a trip to Divisoria, Quiapo, Binondo, or Baclaran will be worth it. Price starts at P1,000.

Sweet Scent-iments

March 2012

Sweet Scent-iments
           A FRAGRANCE WHOSE essential oil concentration is approximately 5% with scents that tend to stay light and airy, the cologne traces its roots, fittingly enough, in Cologne, Germany, in 1709. An Italian perfume-maker named Gian Paolo Feminis, with the help of his nephew Giovanni Maria Farina, created a light and citrusy fragrance called Eau De Cologne in honor of his new hometown of Cologne. It quickly became a huge hit among royalty – even Napoleon was said to be a huge fan, using eight quarts of the scent every month.

        Compared to perfume which has a concentration typically ranging from 20% to 25%, cologne usually has no more than 5 percent essential oil mixed in.

       Today, the term cologne is used as a generic name for men’s and women’s fragrances
instead of being referred to as a fragrance in its own right.

Summer Scents
Here are affordable alternatives to smelling fresh and sweet:

Careline Body Spray line. Available in many variants, it has a mild and baby-like smell that leaves one completely fresh until night. It also doesn’t have an irritating effect on the eyes and nose and does not generate bad odor when the body is soaked in heavy perspiration.

Zen Zest Sparkling Sugar Collection (Cotton Candy) Eau de Cologne
It has a playful, fluffy fragrance reminiscent of youthful innocence.

Johnson’s Baby Cologne – Powder Mist
The name itself gives you an idea of what it smells like. Its powdery smell makes you feel like you’ve just put on baby powder after stepping out of the shower. You may also try the regular oneand the Mountain Dew scent.

Bench Daily Scent Cologne – Happy Hour
Its citrus-y scent uplifts and refreshes the mood.

Lewis and Pearl Cologne – Angel
Combines spring flowers and heavenly citrus.

Be Scent-sitive!
When wearing cologne, do not apply directly onto the skin or a part of the clothing where your skin touches especially if you have a sensitive skin. In some cases, sun exposure of an area of the skin to which cologne is applied may cause skin irritation or spots depending on skin type. Perfumes and colognes include highly concentrated fragrances and highly light-sensitive ingredients compared to ordinary cosmetic products.

Scents for Cent
Smelling good can be expensive. Good thing, you may now enjoy the scent of your choice at a pocket-friendly price. Bring out your squirt bottle. Here are some stores that sell perfumes by tingi:
• True Value
• The Body Shop
• Watsons

What’s That Smell?
A guide to the different scents of colognes (Note: these scents are also applicable to perfumes):
• Floral. The most popular scent, it is created mainly from roses, jasmine, carnations, orange blossoms, and other flowers that when mixed, will produce a floral bouquet aroma.
• Oriental. A heady mix of spices, balsams, resins, and some amber, its smell sends off
an aura of warmth and exotic sensuality.
• Citrus. Drawn from different citrus fruits such as lemon, tangerine, lime, and mandarin,
it produces a tangy and sharp aroma and usually gives off a refreshing or an uplifting feeling.
• Fougere. French word for fern, this is a combination of mossy ferns and various fresh herbs that give off a sophisticated urban-style mood.

– Ma. Janine Bianca A. Romero

January 1, 2012

Straight from the (Makeup) Masters

January-February 2012

Straight from the (Makeup) Masters

HAVE A BEAUTIFUL start this year as three of the country’s makeup experts share their beauty picks, get-gorgeous tips, and the makeup trends for 2012.

Tatin Yang, full-time makeup artist
2012 Is All About... Red lips, bright eyes, and winged eyeliner.
My Must-haves Are... Blush, concealer, false eyelashes, blush brush, and false eyelash tweezers.
I Love the Face of... Ana Sideco (above). I love her youthful features.
The One Advice I Swear By Is... to not sleep with the makeup on.
To Prolong Makeup... Use spatula for cream and lip products.

Jose ‘Jo’ Tubato, Azta Urban Salon creative director
This year... we will see a collaboration of old and new makeup techniques. We will also see more defined eyes especially on eyebrows, and full color of lipstick.
My Go-To Products Are... TIGI Bed Head Eyeshadow Palette (below left) and Glamma Powder (left), Lancome Blanc Expert Neurowhite X3 Liquid Foundation SPF25 (far left), and MAC Pro Full Coverage Foundation NW25 (below).
Quick Tips:
1. Cleanse, tone, and moisturize your skin before putting on makeup.
2. Aways use a disposable sponge.
3. Make sure that the foundation is suited best to your skin tone and skin condition. 4. For fair and olive skin tones, use pink blusher. For mocha or chocolate skin tone, try orange blusher.
Makeup Care 101:
1. Wash your make up brush after using it or always have antibacterial wipes for a quick cleaning when you want to switch shades.
2. Store your makeup in a cool, dry place to prevent it from melting.
3. Make sure to change liquid base makeup after a year, and mascara and liquid liner after three months.

Anton Patdu, freelance professional makeup artist
Spring/Summer 2012... is big on bold colors, bright eyes, and bright lips. Try MAC lipstick in Morange or Lady Danger (below).
I Love Putting Makeup On... Jasmine Curtis Smith (above).
‘Makeup is better with good skin.’
Makeup Would Have a Longer Shelf Life If... you don’t expose it in the sun. Mabilis siya ma-expire pag naka-expose. Also, keep your makeup as personal as possible to avoid breakups.
My Everyday Essentials Consist of... Make Up For Ever products especially the brow correctors in 0, MAC Lipstick in Chatterbox, Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer (above right), NARS Orgasm Blush, Smashbox Girls on Film Smokebox Palette (top), and Benefit Bathina body balm(right).
My Choice Tools of the Trade Are... MAC blending brush 217, and the Fanny Serrano Eyebrow Brush. - Ma. Janine Bianca Romero

January-February 2012

* I can't find the link to this article. In the meantime, here is a JPG version. Hope it is that readable :)