March 1, 2012

Sweet Scent-iments

March 2012

Sweet Scent-iments
           A FRAGRANCE WHOSE essential oil concentration is approximately 5% with scents that tend to stay light and airy, the cologne traces its roots, fittingly enough, in Cologne, Germany, in 1709. An Italian perfume-maker named Gian Paolo Feminis, with the help of his nephew Giovanni Maria Farina, created a light and citrusy fragrance called Eau De Cologne in honor of his new hometown of Cologne. It quickly became a huge hit among royalty – even Napoleon was said to be a huge fan, using eight quarts of the scent every month.

        Compared to perfume which has a concentration typically ranging from 20% to 25%, cologne usually has no more than 5 percent essential oil mixed in.

       Today, the term cologne is used as a generic name for men’s and women’s fragrances
instead of being referred to as a fragrance in its own right.

Summer Scents
Here are affordable alternatives to smelling fresh and sweet:

Careline Body Spray line. Available in many variants, it has a mild and baby-like smell that leaves one completely fresh until night. It also doesn’t have an irritating effect on the eyes and nose and does not generate bad odor when the body is soaked in heavy perspiration.

Zen Zest Sparkling Sugar Collection (Cotton Candy) Eau de Cologne
It has a playful, fluffy fragrance reminiscent of youthful innocence.

Johnson’s Baby Cologne – Powder Mist
The name itself gives you an idea of what it smells like. Its powdery smell makes you feel like you’ve just put on baby powder after stepping out of the shower. You may also try the regular oneand the Mountain Dew scent.

Bench Daily Scent Cologne – Happy Hour
Its citrus-y scent uplifts and refreshes the mood.

Lewis and Pearl Cologne – Angel
Combines spring flowers and heavenly citrus.

Be Scent-sitive!
When wearing cologne, do not apply directly onto the skin or a part of the clothing where your skin touches especially if you have a sensitive skin. In some cases, sun exposure of an area of the skin to which cologne is applied may cause skin irritation or spots depending on skin type. Perfumes and colognes include highly concentrated fragrances and highly light-sensitive ingredients compared to ordinary cosmetic products.

Scents for Cent
Smelling good can be expensive. Good thing, you may now enjoy the scent of your choice at a pocket-friendly price. Bring out your squirt bottle. Here are some stores that sell perfumes by tingi:
• True Value
• The Body Shop
• Watsons

What’s That Smell?
A guide to the different scents of colognes (Note: these scents are also applicable to perfumes):
• Floral. The most popular scent, it is created mainly from roses, jasmine, carnations, orange blossoms, and other flowers that when mixed, will produce a floral bouquet aroma.
• Oriental. A heady mix of spices, balsams, resins, and some amber, its smell sends off
an aura of warmth and exotic sensuality.
• Citrus. Drawn from different citrus fruits such as lemon, tangerine, lime, and mandarin,
it produces a tangy and sharp aroma and usually gives off a refreshing or an uplifting feeling.
• Fougere. French word for fern, this is a combination of mossy ferns and various fresh herbs that give off a sophisticated urban-style mood.

– Ma. Janine Bianca A. Romero

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