July 5, 2012


* Last year, I was tasked to write 3 sample articles by some (fashion/health) magazines I've applied to. Here is one of those articles. I chose this topic since I'm more of a "flats" person. :)
“The Killer Heels vs. The Humble Flats”

            We all love pumps, stilettos – and the like. They just give an instant oomph and glam in any outfit we wear.

            Sometimes wearing these “killer heels” means attending proms, debuts and other parties that calls for a more formal outfit. These shoes are made for formal or special events. And yes some people can wear these even if they’re just going to the mall, grocery or just doing everyday ordinary errands. But the main issue of this article is not just to make you fashionable but also to care for your body.

            Indeed, it is true that your 5 inch Jimmy Choo Shoes make you look more fashionable, a lot sexier and they make you seem inches taller for they lengthen the legs. But wearing them could be doing a lot more damage than just bruising your toes and making your feet hurt.

            Yes, heels make you look extra good but it is only for the moment you’re wearing it. Have you ever thought of its long term effects – and mind you – I’m not just talking about inflamed nerves and ligaments, ingrown toenails or shortened Achilles tendons, I’m speaking about your – Posture.

            Being in these killer heels makes you throw your balance out the door because you lift your heels to unnatural heights and with this your body compensates by adjusting its back, hips and shoulders which in the long run may cause you leg pains, headaches and lower back pains.

            But don’t fret, there is no need for you to keep all your heels and start using flats for the rest of your life. You can still use them but it is best to wear them every other day or if there is no big need for it, just wear flats.

            According to an article entitled How to prevent high heel injuries on www.fitsugar.com, if you cannot avoid wearing heels, do your self a favor and try some of the stretching exercises for ankles and calves that they have discussed there. You may also want to check www.advancedfootcaremn.com, for more on foot care advices.

            Now after reading this and you still can’t give up your high heels, you may want to try there suggestions to give you and your feet more comfort:
* Wear soft insoles – to reduce the impact on your knees.
* Try wearing one with a thicker heel – it will help distribute weight (more) evenly.
* Buy shoe that fits you – and doesn’t make your foot slide forward for this causes more pressure on your toes.

            Comfort and Mobility are just some of the best things flat shoes can offer you. Besides making you a lot healthier in terms of making you avoid foot injuries they are also stylish and at times more affordable (but this depends on the brand of your shoes – just think more heels requires more materials to be used therefore making it more expensive than flats).

            You no longer need to think it over whether you’ll choose fashion or functionality for you can have it both with these shoes.

Here are some benefits of these flats:
1. Comfortable and Easy to walk in – You can do a lot of errands without having difficulty in walking while you are carrying a lot of stuffs.
2. It will take you anywhere – Flats are made to ‘go the distance’ meaning they are built for long walks around the city.
3. Safer and healthier – You don’t need to worry about leg pains, feet aching or worse – back pains.
4. Easy to wear and take off – If you are an on-the-go person, flats are your bestfriend because you can wear them easily not like heels that you need to sit down and individually attached the straps before you can go.
5. Can be for any event – Whether formal or non formal occasions, whether attending ‘sporty’ events flats can be your soul mate. They can fit any event just choose a design that will suit the place you are going to. (ex. Cheetah print flats for parties or plain blue flats for school events). Flats are very versatile. You don’t see girls in heels during school practices like rehearsing for plays, don’t you?

            Flats as well as heels comes in all sizes, styles and colors. So find one that suits your personality and mood and then, say hello to comfort. - Janine A. Romero 

 *unpublished and unedited
 *photos from Google.com

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